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Launching in February 2018, ‘Fair Trading February’ is an innovative project aimed at helping businesses to comply with two of New Zealand’s most important sales and marketing laws – the Fair Trading Act and the Commerce Act. The month long education programme is designed to highlight common pitfalls, and give your staff confidence to deal with real-life issues as they arise. For more information about Fair Trading February, please watch the video below (subtitled for your convenience).

When: 1 February 2018 – 28 February 2018.

Who should take part: Senior leadership staff and anyone involved in marketing and sales would benefit from the Fair Trading February programme.

How to enrol: To sign your business up for Fair Trading February, please email anna.ryan@laneneave.co.nz. Enrolments close on Tuesday 30 January 2018.

What is fair trading awareness month?

In 2014, the maximum penalties for breaches of the Fair Trading Act increased by 300 percent. Since then, a number of businesses have been fined in excess of $500,000 as part of a crackdown by the Commerce Commission on misleading pricing and advertising claims.

As part of our commitment to helping our clients comply with New Zealand’s sales and marketing laws, Lane Neave is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Fair Trading February’ in 2018.

Fair Trading February is an education programme designed to assist businesses and key staff to understand their obligations under the Fair Trading Act and the Commerce Act.

Developed in consultation with some of Lane Neave’s corporate clients, Fair Trading February aims to provide staff with straightforward, easily digestible information about what they can – and can’t – say and do in connection with sales and marketing.

During the month of February 2018, Fair Trading February will see compliance tips delivered via daily emails, with links to articles, videos and facts sheets for those interested in delving into the detail.

Towards the end of the month, participants will also attend a seminar in one of New Zealand’s main centres, with those unable to attend in person having the option of watching a video of the seminar on demand.

For in-house lawyers, as part of Fair Trading February we will also be offering half-day masterclasses in Auckland and Christchurch on the recent amendments to the Commerce Act, which introduces a new clearance regime for ‘collaborative activities’. February is the ideal time for in-house lawyers to bring themselves up to speed on these new provisions (which replace the previous joint-venture exemption), as the Commission intends to begin enforcing the amendments in May 2018.

What is involved?

For a base fee, everyone enrolled in Fair Trading February will receive a daily compliance tip via email, with links to articles about key areas of fair trading and competition law, videos and other multimedia content. The information is presented in plain English and participants in the programme will have the opportunity to ask questions via email, with answers to selected questions published at the end of each week. Weekly quizzes will provide participants with opportunities to win Fair Trading February workplace morning tea shouts.

All participants in the programme will either attend an in-person seminar in one of the main centres, or have the option of watching a video of the seminar on demand. For an additional fee, businesses may choose to upgrade to a private seminar at their workplace.

In-house lawyers also have the option of attending a half-day masterclass in Auckland or Christchurch on the new clearance regime for ‘collaborative activities’ which has recently been introduced under the Commerce Act.

All staff members who complete the programme will receive a certificate of participation.

Base Fee

$395 + GST – 1 person
$695 + GST – up to 5 people
$995 + GST – up to 10 people

Upgrade to private seminar at your place of work

$750 + GST

Half-day masterclass for in-house counsel

$445 + GST

We’re excited to kick off on 1 February 2018. We hope that you can join us!

Sign up now

Signing up is easy –  simply contact Anna Ryan by email at anna.ryan@laneneave.co.nz to email or by telephone on 021 117 4940.

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