Every business deals with contracts on a day-to-day basis, buying and selling goods and services, raising money, entering into partnerships, strategic alliances and other business arrangements, and just doing deals.

This is the bit where we are meant to tell you every contract should be checked by a lawyer but we know you can’t always do that. Instead, what we can help you with is setting up systems and processes to manage your day-to-day contracts and risks and we will be there when you need us for the hard ones.

We have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, interpreting and administrating all forms of local and international contracts. We draft contracts in language you can understand.

We advise clients on a diverse range of contracts including for the sale of goods and services, supply and maintenance arrangements, technology development, intellectual property licensing, franchising, confidentiality and trade secrets, the sale and purchase of businesses, shareholder agreements, joint ventures, alliances, partnerships limited partnerships, export and import contracts, procurement and process contracts, project contracts, to name but a few!

We help you develop standard terms and conditions for your day to day business along with the necessary procurement and sourcing strategies that maximise your profit. We can assist you in day-to-day contract administration or help you establish the systems you need to do this yourself.

We also understand the regulatory environment in which you do business and can assist in understanding the law and dealing with issues arising with your customers and suppliers.

We get alongside you to understand your business and our goal is to help you realise opportunities and manage risk, by negotiating the best possible commercial arrangements.

Lane Neave, Commercial – lawyers and confidants, generalists and specialists, an integral part of your business.

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