We are business and public sector lawyers providing corporate law and business advisory services shaped to our clients needs. We do this by investing time in fully understanding you and your business, so we can give you personal, tailored advice and provide you with real clarity.

Our specialist corporate law team’s understanding of the complexities of corporate law means they will give you clear, innovative and decisive advice enabling you to make sound commercial decisions for your business.

We’re proud to say we have one of the largest corporate advisory legal teams in the South Island. Our size and scale mean we can provide the capability and depth of specialist legal advisers you need, in a cost effective way.

Our clients come from throughout New Zealand and around the world. Distance is no barrier to our services. When you need us, we’ll be there.

Our diverse range of clients include multi-nationals and businesses of all shapes and sizes, listed and unlisted, from a wide variety of industries. We work for not-for profits, iwi, local and regional bodies, ministries and other Crown departments. Our work in the agri-tech, engineering, healthcare, finance, mining and primary producer sectors is widely recognised and highly valued.

We don’t just do big deals and transactions. What we really love is working with you on a day-to-day level, where we are an integral part of your business and get to understand your business and you. We support you to contract, buy and sell assets, raise money to grow, exercise good governance, comply with legislation, trade and transact, undertake major projects and manage intellectual property. We also advise governors, managers and receivers of distressed businesses. By working alongside you and being your business confidant, we’re able to give you a straight answer, with no mucking around, when you need it.

Our clients value the way we never sit on the fence, opting to take the lead in ensuring we achieve the best outcomes for them. This approach is what makes us a multi-award winning corporate law team.

Lane Neave, Corporate Advisory – lawyers and confidants, generalists and specialists, an integral part of your business.

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