In the 21st century, technology is a key component of every business.  Delivering business outcomes through technology often involves complex commercial arrangements.

We have the specialist expertise to help with any technology project, big or small, and whether for customers or suppliers.  We advise on all types of technology agreements, including outsourcing, systems integration/implementation, telecommunications, cloud, hosting, licensing, escrow, distribution and support.

We can work with you on any legal aspect of a technology project, from business planning, tendering, contracting and implementation through to dispute resolution.  We also advise on all related technology matters, such as websites, data protection and cyber-security issues, privacy policies and regulatory compliance.

Technology projects are fraught with risk and complication.  We can help identify those risks and work with you to ensure they are addressed in both a commercially acceptable and practical manner.  We will also be there to facilitate in finding a solution should a complication arise during project delivery.

Public sector technology projects are subject to Government rules and guidelines, and other legislation.  If you are a Government agency or a technology supplier to Government, we can work alongside you to navigate through those additional requirements.  We are on the Crown’s panel of lawyers.

If you are a technology start up we understand you may not have the resources to involve lawyers in every opportunity.  We can help by just focusing on the things that matter most, such as the protection of your intellectual capital.

Using technology in business also brings new risks and challenges, particularly in relation to data; often an organisation’s most valuable asset.  We can help you get it right when managing your data and when exploring new ways to get the most out of your data.

Lane Neave, Technology – lawyers, confidants and specialists, an integral part of your technology needs.

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