What is Lifelaw?

Lifelaw is a tailored law package designed to simplify your life. It exists to ensure you get the right advice for every milestone and event in your life. As your life changes over time, your legal needs do as well. One of the challenges is knowing when you need a lawyer’s help. That’s where Lifelaw comes in.

Lifelaw draws upon all areas of legal expertise that exist within Lane Neave. We’ll work with you and alongside you to formulate the solution you require.

At every stage of life there are a variety of legal issues to be faced affecting yourself, your family and other third parties.

At Lane Neave, we recognise our expertise can make a big difference to the outcome of the many challenges ahead of you – that’s what Lifelaw is about.

When life decisions are everything

Wills, enduring power of attorney, succession planning, estate administration, trusts, asset protection, and property matters including conveyancing… we are there for all life’s milestones.

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Simplifying your affairs

At Lane Neave we provide simple solutions to complex legal problems, and give you real, plain English advice.

We believe life is for living. That’s why we focus on delivering real clarity to our clients. We invest the time in really understanding you so we’re better able to help you when you need it, and you’re able to get on with the good things in life.

We’re recognised nationally as one of the leading law firms in New Zealand, with the accolades to back it up. We believe that:

Clarity has real value

We thrive on making complex issues simple for our clients. We do that by providing plain English advice that doesn’t sit on the fence. As a client you want sharp, effective solutions that cut through and deliver results.

Innovation gives you an edge

Our entrepreneurial thinking means we design and tailor our legal teams around your requirements. This innovative approach means we do the thinking upfront so you get legal products and services that give you real value and advantage.

Experience makes a difference

You need to know you will be dealing with the level of experience and expertise you need. Our size and scale means we have the specialists who can really make a difference to your affairs.


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lifelaw brochure

Download a copy of the LifeLaw brochure to find out more.

Download brochure (290kb)

lifelaw team

Stephen Jeffery - Christchurch private client lawyer and part of the Lane Neave Lifelaw teamStephen Jeffery

t +64 3 353 8050
m +64 21 669 925
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Monica Ryan - Christchurch private client lawyer and part of the Lane Neave Lifelaw teamMonica Ryan

t +64 3 372 6335
m +64 21 665 286
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Gerard Thwaites - Christchurch private client lawyer and part of the Lane Neave Lifelaw teamGerard Thwaites

t +64 3 353 8025
m +64 29 233 3447
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Chris Anderson - Christchurch private client lawyer and part of the Lane Neave Lifelaw teamChris Anderson

t +64 3 371 7690
m +64 21 65 6672
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Anthony Lilley is a Lane Neave Estate Administrator in the Life law teamAnthony Lilley
Estates Administrator
t +64 3 371 5106
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Cassidy Wall

t +64 3 372 6306
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Rosemary Aitken

t +64 3 379 3720
m +64 21 223 6327
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Sherie Adams
Property Law Executive

t +64 3 371 7699
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Vanessa Boyd
Registered Legal Executive

t +64 3 372 6336
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Lisa Penn
Trust & Estate Accountant

t +64 3 371 7697
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