Lane Neave’s Free IP Audit Service

Did you know that Lane Neave offers a free IP audit service, in order to ensure that our clients have appropriate trade mark protection?

What Does the IP Audit Involve?

An IP audit is a written assessment of the adequacy of your business’ current brand protection.  An IP audit identifies the trade marks used by your business, notes any trade mark registrations currently in place, and comments on the scope of the protection provided by those registrations.  The audit may recommend additional protective measures (such as the registration of any unregistered trade marks or the broadening of the scope of protection provided under existing trade mark registrations), in which case the IP audit will also note the cost and likelihood of success of implementing these recommendations.

Why Is Trade Mark Registration Important?

A registered trade mark affords the owner of the mark the exclusive right to use the trade mark in New Zealand in respect of specific goods and services specified in the application for registration. Registration is the easiest and most effective way to prevent other traders from making unauthorised use of your business name and/or branding.   This is of fundamental importance, as use of your branding by another trader can result in diverted sales, or irreparable damage to your business’ reputation.

If you are interested in learning more about Lane Neave’s free IP audit service, please get in touch with Anna Ryan or one of the other members of the Corporate Team.

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