Retirement Living and Aged Care

We are skilled at helping you prepare for and manage retirement living.

Our team has considerable experience in helping you prepare for the slower time of life when issues such as health, financial security and decision making take on a different perspective.

At the time in your life when you are creating wealth, we can advise on and set up trusts and other structures to help protect that wealth for the people you care about.

We can also advise on other related matters such as wills, enduring powers of attorney and guardianship.

We are happy for you to talk with us about having one of our team be appointed as a trustee of your trust, or an attorney for your property or your welfare. We will always do our best to understand your situation and tailor a workable solution to your specific circumstances.

When you need to make big decisions, our skills and experience enable us to help you to make better informed decisions about such important things as selling the family home; considering a move to another town or city or into a smaller unit or retirement village; or needing to consider part or full time care and how that might be funded. Some of these moves involve you having to come to terms with legally complex structures, and we are well placed to assist you through that process.

We can help the people you care about make better decisions for you when you are simply not able to make those decisions yourself. At those times you will appreciate our common sense approach to the issues that affect you and the practical advice we will give.

We are able to hold important documents for you and will always do our best to see that your wishes are carried out when you are no longer able to control what is happening.

Come and talk with us about any of these matters. We will sit down with you and listen to you, we will do our best to understand your needs, and we will apply our skills and experience to put solutions in place that will work for you.

Lane Neave, Retirement Living – lawyers and confidants, generalists and specialists, an integral part of your life.

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