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Some Clarity Regarding Availability Provisions

A recent ruling in the Employment Court has clarified whether employers can require their employees to work extra hours or overtime above their standard work times, without paying them for remaining ‘available’ to work.

The case of Postal Workers Union …

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Change coming for all Incorporated Societies

Incorporated Societies (and there are over 23,000 in New Zealand) must comply at present with legislation that is still a hangover from New Zealand’s transition on 26 September 1907 from a British Crown Colony to a self-governing state, the Dominion …

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Privacy Law Seminar – Preparing for Change

Privacy is increasingly complex, and there is soon to be entirely new legislation regulating the area. The aim of this seminar is to highlight the most significant changes and give you an understanding of how the key changes may affect your business.

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Employee Secondments

There are a number of scenarios where an employee may be placed on secondment.

A secondment can involve an employee being temporarily transferred within the same company, or to another company, client or contractor. The employee could be seconded within …

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