Upcoming workplace law workshop series

Lane Neave’s highly regarded workplace law specialists will be providing invaluable insights into the modern workplace through this series of timely workshops.

The 2021 workplace

The workplace and how we work changed dramatically in 2020, and continues to evolve in 2021, as we face new and unique issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop will look at issues such as remote working, flexible working, health and wellbeing, the payment of wages in lockdowns, testing/vaccinations and redundancies.

Dates, locations and times

Auckland: Thursday 11 March (Lane Neave, Level 8, 48 Shortland Street, Vero Centre, 9.00am-10.30am)
Christchurch: Thursday 18 March (Lane Neave, Level 5,141 Cambridge Terrace, 12.30pm- 2.00pm). This workshop will be co-presented by Brad Norris from Synergy Health, looking at wellbeing in the workplace in these uncertain times.
Queenstown: Tuesday 23 March (The Rees Hotel, 377 Frankton Road,12.30pm– 2.00pm)
Wellington: Thursday 8 April (TBA, 12.30pm- 2.00pm)
West Coast: Thursday 6 May (The Ashley Hotel, 74 Tasman Street, Greymouth,12.30pm – 2.00pm)

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The Employment Relations Authority does not ‘step into the shoes of the employer’, but in applying the test of justification, it continues to scrutinise investigations undertaken by employers. This workshop will not only look at the complex process an employer needs to follow when undertaking an investigation but how best to justify a decision that is relying on an investigation.

Dates, locations and times

Christchurch: Wednesday 31 March (Lane Neave, Level 5, 141 Cambridge Terrace, 12.30pm – 2.00pm). This workshop will be co-presented by Mike Chappell from Forensic New Zealand Limited, who will provide insight into digital fraud in the workplace.
Auckland: Wednesday 31 March (Lane Neave, Level 8, 48 Shortland Street, Vero Centre, 9.00am – 10.30am)

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Mock mediation

When an employee raises a personal grievance often one of the first formal steps to resolving the matter is the parties attending mediation with MBIE. This session will run through a mock mediation, arising out of the digital fraud investigation, to ensure that you not only understand the process but feel in the best position to put your case forward seeking resolution or at least understanding the strength of the employee’s case before proceeding to an Investigation Hearing in the Employment Relations Authority. This session will follow-on from the Investigation Workshop, based on a digital fraud dismissal and a MBIE Mediator will attend to provide practical advice from their experience on what works best in mediations.

Date, location and time

Christchurch: Thursday 15 April (Lane Neave, Level 5, 141 Cambridge Terrace,12.30pm- 2.00pm)

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Minimum entitlements

We continue to work with employers, small and large, who are being investigated by the Labour Inspectorate for breaches of minimum employment entitlements. This workshop will walk you through what you need to do be doing to ensure you are compliant – employment agreements, wage and time records, the minimum wage, annual leave and public holidays. This workshop will also assist with what steps need to be taken when first approached by a Labour Inspector. We will be joined in this workshop by BDO, who will discuss the practical ways that you can remain compliant with your payroll, and if audited, what you need to do to ensure minimum exposure.

Date, location and time

Christchurch: Wednesday 5 May (Lane Neave, Level 5, 141 Cambridge Terrace,12.30pm- 2.00pm)

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Performance management
This webinar will explore not only the performance management process itself but some of the common pitfalls our clients face when working through this process. We will also look at possible alternatives to performance management.

Thursday 6 May 11.00am – 12.00pm
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Holidays Act
This webinar will remind our clients of the basics of Holidays Act 2003 and brief employers on the most recent decisions that may alter the way them or their payroll provider is calculating employees entitlements.

Thursday 20 May 11.00am – 12.00pm
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