Coronavirus update to staff, 22 March

Message from Managing Partner, Chairman and CEO | 22 March 2020

We met yesterday to discuss the implications of the Government announcement regarding escalating the alert level in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We are – and will continue to be – guided by the Government and, in particular, the Ministry of Health with regard to all of our decisions about this situation. Please refer to the attached summary of New Zealand alert levels.

High level messaging from the Government today includes a focus on:

  • Alternative ways of working
  • Going about life differently, including our work life
  • Starting alternative ways of working if possible – for example remote working, shift-based working, physical distancing within the workplace, staggered meal breaks and flexible leave arrangements
  • Being practical and sensible about this, but starting to change our practices.

The Government advice today is not an instruction to stop attending our work-place, but is a guidance to consider how we might do that differently.

Some of the other key messages from the Government COVID-19 website include:

  • Be kind
  • Wash and dry your hands often
  • Stay home if you are sick.

Based on the above we have decided on the following courses of action:

  • Lane Neave remains open for business, both on site at our offices and from a range of remote locations
  • Our four office premises will continue to remain open until instructed to close by the Government (most likely from the further escalation of the alert level in response to coronavirus).

At such time our business premises will close but the firm will continue operating remotely.

  • Partners be working with their teams today to discuss and organise remote working options for staff
  • This is likely to include rostering staff to work alternately remotely and on site, providing the opportunity to deliver increased social distancing in the workplace
  • All meetings will be conducted using technology where at all possible
  • The front doors of all of our offices will be closed and access provided only to people with genuine reasons to be on site (with appropriate messaging on the front doors at each location)
  • Cleaning regimes will be bolstered at all sites
  • If you – or someone in your household – has a compromised immunity system, please liaise with your Partner / manager before coming to work.

In these really challenging times we also need to continue to focus on doing the best for our clients. That is really important now and for the future.

We are all operating in uncharted waters. There is no “how to” manual in responding to a pandemic but we are confident everyone is doing their best to protect themselves and each other, as well as our families and clients.

If you have any queries about the situation, please feel free to contact your Partner, your manager or the members of the HR team for guidance and support.

Thanks and kind regards,
Andrew, Bryan and Peter

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