Supporting you through COVID-19

Lane Neave is a proud Service Provider affiliate of the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP).

RBP has announced a $1.5m support scheme to assist eligible businesses in accessing business continuity planning, human resources, and other services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Business continuity planning

In these uncertain times, business continuity is a stressful and pressing issue for business owners, directors and shareholders across New Zealand. In many cases, tough decisions will need to be made to cut back, save costs, and overhaul existing business structures in order to keep operations steady.

The initial response is to understand your obligations under key contracts, lease agreements and changing legislation relating to COVID-19. We can assist with the “essential service” interpretation.

As we look further to the impact of this virus and survival of your business, we are well placed to advise you with developing your business continuity plan through restructuring or downsizing businesses, and bolstering your legal framework. Along with ensuring it is implemented efficiently and effectively. Whether you are considering divesting assets, capital or financial restructures, mergers, amalgamations or otherwise, we are here to help.

Employment and human resources

In terms of your human resources, we can advise on employment agreement obligations including payment of wages during the lockdown. We have assisted many organisations to clarify their eligibility for the wage subsidy. Going forward there may be some hard decisions. We have done the lot before, and we can provide you with the strategy for your people. We can guide you through the process to ensure you are legally compliant and kind to your workforce. This will put your business in the best place going forward but also minimise risk.

Getting in touch

As a flexible Service Provider, we are able to advise you over the phone, via email, or through apps such as Skype or Zoom during the period of the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you wish to seek COVID-19 support through this scheme, please contact the Regional Business Partner Network

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