Trusts Act 2019 – your changing obligations

The impacts of the new Trusts Act 2019 are significant for your obligations and rights as a Settlor, Trustee or even as a Beneficiary. There are a number of actions you should be taking now in order to meet the obligations of the Act as from January 2021.

1. Collate Trust Documentation

  • All Trustees must have copy of Trust Deed and changes to Trustees
  • At least one Trustee must have a copy of all core Trust documents which is available to all other Trustees

2. Review Core Document

The Trust Documentation needs to be reviewed.

  • Is the Trust still relevant?
  • Is the Beneficiary definition too wide?
  • Are there out of date clauses, for example:
  1. Income accumulation clauses incorrect
  2. Beneficiary appointment clauses
  3. Narrow variation powers
  4. Limited rights to resettlement
  5. Limited powers to remove Trustees
  • Do the default Trustee duties need to be modified?

3. Information disclosure

  • All beneficiaries are entitled to receive basic Trust information
  • Other Trust information to be made available upon beneficiary request unless Trustees resolve not to
  • Settlors and Trustees need to meet to discuss disclosure

Please contact us now to discuss your plan to meet these obligations.

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