ACC Sets Aside $22 Million for Reducing Work-Related Injuries

ACC has announced that in February 2019 small to medium businesses will be able to bid for a portion of the $22 million ACC has allocated to improving health and safety in the workplace.

There will be two types of funding available:

  • Workplace injury prevention grants – for the solving of health and safety issues particular to an industry or supply chain. ACC will partner with businesses in the particular industry to help carry out projects and then share this knowledge within the industry.
  • Workplace injury prevention subsidies – these will help small to medium sized businesses access services that are known to improve health and safety practices in the workplace. The subsidies will likely be granted to industries where there is a higher risk of injury. The Subsidies will be broken in to three subtypes:
    1. workforce capability development (e.g. training courses)
    2. professional health and safety consulting advice, and
    3. capital investment that has health and safety outcomes (e.g. people moving equipment).

Priority areas for investment will be in the following sectors (being the sectors which constitute 50% of all severe workplace injuries):

  • agriculture
  • construction
  • forestry
  • manufacturing
  • healthcare and social assistance.

If you want to apply for the funding and miss out on the February funding round, there will be a second round likely in September 2019.

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