Workplace Law Webinar Series 2024

Join Lane Neave’s three Employment Law Partners Fiona McMillan (Auckland), Andy Bell (Wellington), Andrew Shaw (Christchurch) and members of their team in this webinar series.

Keeping up with the many and varied changes in Employment Law over the past couple of years has been a challenge for employers and employees alike.

Over the coming months, our team of experts will be sharing their knowledge and answering your questions on a variety of workplace law topics in a series of free webinars.

Thursday 22 February, 11.30am-12.30pm
Disciplinary processes 
– the devil is in the detail

On the face of it a disciplinary process is not complicated – investigation, invitation to disciplinary meeting, disciplinary meeting, tentative decision letter and decision. However, an employer has to get a number of things right to justify a disciplinary decision and prevent a costly settlement or unsuccessful Employment Relations Authority process.

This webinar will delve into some of the detail, including, when can you suspend? Do you have to undertake some form of an investigation every time? What if there are delays? What do you do if you receive a medical certificate or a representative or support person is unavailable? What form should a tentative decision take? How bad does the behaviour have to be to justify terminating for serious misconduct?

Thursday 7 March, 11.30am-12.30pm
Sick leave and medical incapacity – an ongoing saga for many employers

Arguably this is one of the toughest areas of employment law to justify ending the employment relationship. This webinar will cover the common, but often frequently misconstrued, questions when it comes to sick leave and medical incapacity:

  1. What is the point of asking for a medical certificate?
  2. Can you terminate someone’s employment because they take lots of genuine sick leave?
  3. What can I do if I think an employee’s sick leave was not genuine?
  4. How long does someone have to be away for before I can look to terminate for medical incapacity?
  5. Is medical retirement different to medical incapacity?

Thursday 21 March, 11.30am-12.30pm
Restructuring and redundancies – is 2024 the year?

Many were expecting 2023 to be the year where employers would have to make some deep cuts and we would see a sharp rise in unemployment. Although we saw some organisations look to implement hiring freezes or make minor adjustments to their teams, it was nowhere near as bad as many were predicting. Some are now saying that this was purely delaying the inevitable and 2024 will be the year where big changes are made.

This webinar will remind employers that it is not just redundancies that require a restructuring process. Often material changes to roles will require a restructuring process.  We will also cover the process and what you need to justify a restructuring process that may result in redundancies. We will provide practical advice to protect your business in one of the more litigated areas in employment law.

Thursday 4 April, 11.30am-12.30pm
Change, Chris and Cases

There is no doubt that late 2023 saw a flurry of activity in the world of employment law. Fair Pay Agreements out, trial periods for all employees in, Holidays Act changes – who knows? As well as a run through of where we are at and where we are going from a legislative perspective, this webinar will also cover employment law cases from the last 12 months that employers should turn their mind to when it comes to their Employment Agreements, policies and people.

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